Tiller steer, for threaded fork (Nazca)

Tiller steerer for thread type front fork, stainless steel.

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Tiller steerer for 1 1/8" or 1" thread type front fork, stainless steel steerer tube with aluminium hinge part. Cables run inside the steerer tube. The steerer is adjustable in length (370-435 mm) and inclination angle.

Available for 1 inch (internal fork tube diameter 22.2 mm) and 1 1/8" (internal diameter fork tube 25.4 mm) forks.

Note: Handlebars not included.

Guiding cables through a tiller steerer.

- make a bundle of the cables, tie them together with tape, leaving one cable approx. 3 cm longer
- estimate the position of the heat-shrink tubing and put it in place (plus heat it to shrink)
- carefully guide the cables inside the tiller opening (start at the bottom side), until you can pick-up the outstanding cable
- try to bundle cables as much as possible with tie-wraps, this prevents you from getting caught up in it

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