Seat cushion Ventisit (3-layer)

Seat cushion Ventisit, 3-layer type

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Article number: 40217

Seat cushion Ventisit, 3-layer type, very open and well ventilating recumbent bike cushion, durable material. The cushion is attached with velcro strips (included) to the seat .
Available for seat models Nazca Comfort and Nazca Sport.

Please choose the correct seat model (S=Sport or C=Comfort) and seat size from the list. NB: it is better to choose a little too large than too small.
S-M: 91x26/24/26
S-L: 95x26/24/26
S-XL: 102x28

C-M: 92x32/35/20
C-M/L: 92x32/35/20
C-L: 94x34/39/20

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